Pet Rescue

Who are we?

We are a not for profit, working with owner surrenders, humane societies, local pounds, and government agencies, to reduce unwanted and / or neglected dogs in our area. After rescuing an animal, they are examined, cleaned / treated, medicated / vaccinated, and spayed / neutered. They are given names and photos are taken of them to be placed with an adoption program to find a home ASAP.

About Us


Easy’s Rescue & Dog Shelter is a dog rescue operation in Grundy County, TN.

We work closely with the county sheriff and local police chief in Tracy City who execute dog rescue operations in the county. Some animals are not always needing to be rescued. Owners willingly surrender them over to us for a number of reasons, the primary reason being the welfare of the animals.

Our purpose is to relieve the discomfort, pain, and hunger of these animals and to find them a home where their care is a priority. Once these animals are in our care, we place them in a comfortable, clean area. The animals are carefully inspected for parasites and treated. Once they are vetted, receive their vaccines, and are spayed or neutered, we arrange a veterinarian paper validating the work of their care. Their pictures and information are put up on our site and on other adoption agencies, and together these organizations work to find the animals’ homes. All our dogs have a fee associated with their adoption to help cover this care… but it’s still less expensive than buying a dog from a breeder and paying for their shots as an owner.

The operation is run by Andy Wostal, who has accepted the task of providing for their care. He receives calls on a regular basis to pick up dogs and puppies. After these animals are socialized, he learns their personality and unique ways, and writes up their bio.

The shelter typically gets 2 to 4 calls an hour to take puppies and small dogs and has a constant need for blankets, sheets, towels, old couch cushions, foam pillows, straw, unused dog houses, dog food, and puppy chow. This is especially helpful in the winter or in the nursery. Any of these things that you can donate would be greatly appreciated. Contact us or message us on facebook to arrange a donation.

Meet The Team


Dog Caregiver

Kristen helps the shelter by giving many of their shots as they come into their care.    
Diane Glover
Diane Glover
Diane loves all creatures, great and small, and has a big heart to help the helpless.
Andy Wostal
Andy Wostal

Leading Volunteer

Andy is the CEO and has helped dogs for years.  He has a special interest in Pit Bulls, but has rescued over 600 dogs in Grundy and surrounding counties to give them a better life.

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