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Easy’s Dog Shelter provides a community service to Grundy County by taking in and caring for rescued animals and working to adopt them out to a loving home.

In addition to our primary service of facilitating adoptions, Easy’s Dog Shelter has plans to work with vets to offer spay / neuter clinics on a regular basis. There are other organizations providing this type of program in the area, but we hope to aid in this needed service. Also, did you know that it’s law that owners provide their dogs with annual rabies vaccinations? We are hopeful that we can offer rabies shot clinics to the community dog owners in the near future. This service will not be free but can be offered at a discount.

The shelter has many needs – you can help!

Ongoing Needs

The shelter has a number of ongoing expenses that are necessary for a safe and smooth operation. When you choose to give to Easy’s, you are helping us to cover these costs:

Utilities (electric, water, etc.)
Bedding & blankets
Fencing & fence repairs
Pet Food
Vet fees, including spaying / nuetering / etc.

Special Fundraiser: Right now, we are raising money to add additional building/shelter space at our new facility in Tracy City.

We hope you will consider a special donation to help us complete this important project. When you contribute to our new shelter space, your donation will go towards:

Ongoing Construction Expenses

Dog pens
Pet doors
Lumber for partition rooms that include storage, examination room (2 x 4’s, interior doors, etc.)


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In 2020, our supporters gave towards a new building, vaccine clinics, and other shelter expenses.
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Donors like you help us to rescue dogs every day! Together we are saving the lives of these beautiful animals.