This is a work in progress, but did want to reveal our presence in our community. Easy’s Dog Shelter is a rescue operation that provides food, shelter, meds spay/neuter, and vaccines for the purpose of providing a home through our adoption or is cooperation with other adoption agencies. Our new home address is 1607 Altamont Street in Tracy City, but we are in need of a building. At present, the animals are kept indoors at Andy’s, but we desperately need a building on our new site. We can get a small 30×40 Quonset for $4700 that would give us a good start. Outside of this, we would need a foundation. Please, consider helping us with a contribution to buy the building. If you would like to mail a check, you can send it to Easy’s Dog Shelter at P.O. Box 787 Tracy City Tn 37387.

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